£300 + VAT

Add support from investment experts, inc reviews & feedback on all your collateral for £200 + VAT

Live Campaign Support

This programme includes the final Live Support Phases of our popular, Crowdfunding Programme. Our clients always tell us how valuable these live campaign modules are, so we've pulled them out into a standalone Live Campaign Support Programme.

Our bespoke support service includes:

1. Access to the ISQ online Live Campaign Support programme, including modules on:
  • How to launch & run Private Live
  • How to launch & run Public Live
  • Final steps before launching privately
  • Crowd Psychology
  • Tips And Troubleshooting - Private Live & Public live
  • Closing the campaign
2. A wealth of training materials, videos resources, guidance documents, cheat sheets, worksheets etc, including:
  • Crowd Scoping Tool: a tool to deep dive into your network, looking at what groups and individuals you have to target, which forms the basis of the comms & and marketing plans.
  • Live campaign marketing plan: multi-channel marketing plan for promoting the live campaign once you're public inc social media planner, usual duration 30 days but this could be reduced as discussed.
  • Email Comms Plan: a detailed schedule of comms including what stages of email to send, who to send it to, when to send etc.
  • Templates & examples: includes guidance on what to include, pre-drafted "fill in the blanks" templates and examples from previously successful clients for inspiration.
  • LinkedIn training: how to engage & and expand your network using the platform.
  • Live campaign tips, tricks and troubleshooting: which includes a wealth of resources, videos, and additional guidance.
  • Data & analytics: digging into the Seedrs reporting dashboard, analysing the data and providing actionable insights for how to boost campaign engagement.

3. Add support for an extra £200 + VAT, we can help you with:

  • Review, feedback & sign off of all material produced
  • Round-the-clock email support