10 of the environmentally sustainable campaigns we’ve supported

Nov 04, 2021

At ISQ we’re passionate about doing our bit to make the world a better place, which is why we’re in the process of signing up with 1% for the planet. We’ve pledged to donate 1% of our sales back to the environment, in support of a range of environmental nonprofit organisations.


Another way that we have a positive impact on the world is through our clients. By supporting our environmentally-minded clients to raise money for their sustainable ventures, we’re indirectly helping fund the change we want to see in the world. And we’re glad to see more and more businesses coming through that have a focus on helping solve climate change in their own way. We believe that everyone needs to do what they can and make improvements where they can, because that’s what will have a cumulative positive effect on the environment.

Over the years we’ve worked on various sustainable campaigns from a vast range of industries; from charities that help you re-cycle your old t-shirts, B2C accessory brands that make new items out of materials that would otherwise end up in landfill, to B2B engineering companies helping to reduce global CO2 by improving engine design - as well as everything in between. Here’s a rundown of 10 of the environmentally sustainable campaigns we’ve supported, what they do and how much their raised:

1. Wild & stone

Raised £270,458 from 259 investors, 200% of their £125K target.

Wild & Stone create eco friendly Health & Beauty products that are sustainable, reusable, and plastic free, with a focus on great design.

2. Green wallet

Raised £262,700 from 99 investors, 105% of their £250K target.

Green Wallet is an app-based marketplace for ethical & sustainable products; promoting conscious spending. It connects users with verified ethical businesses and lets them shop consciously and sustainably.


Raised £117,632 from 319 investors, 235% of their £50K target.

GIBIE aims to curb the ongoing devastation the textile industry has on the planet, by using plant-based dyes inspired by 5000-year-old Ayurvedic processes. Their products are kind to skin & the environment by avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. They were featured in The Times sustainable Christmas gift guide! 

4. Carnot

Raised £273,346, 273% of their £100K target.

Carnot aims to reduce global CO2 emissions by 13% to accelerate the world's transition to net-zero and bring clean, secure and affordable energy to all. Carnot is developing ultra-efficient hydrogen combustion engines built from advanced technical ceramics. Their crowdfund was so successful that they very quickly launched a second campaign, to capture investors that didn't get in the first time. Their second campaign raised almost £900,000, a whopping 620% of their minimum target, and 2000 investors. Proof investors are interested in companies with sustainability at their core.

5. Different Dog

Raised £1,363,268 from 409 investors, 178% of their £750K target.

Different Dog is a subscription service for nutritious and sustainable fresh dog food, served in compostable packaging.

6. Ticketpass

Raised £282,667 from 238 investors, 339% of their £65K target.

The event ticketing platform with an ethical twist, capping booking fees, fighting touts & donating 50% of their revenue to a variety of charities worldwide.

7. BEEN London

Raised £325,589 from 290 investors, 185% of their £175K target.

BEEN London makes premium sustainable accessories, handmade entirely from materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. Since their successful campaign, they’ve been described by Vogue as one of the most innovative fashion companies in the world, and have collaborated with celebrities to bring the message of sustainability in fashion even more into the public eye.  

8. Koy Clothing

Raised £131,110 from 95 investors, 131% of their £100K target.

Koy is an African inspired clothing brand. Founded by two brothers raised in Kenya, they have a passion to give back to the country they grew up in, with over 50% of profits donated to sustainable charity projects in Kenya.

9. Riversimple

Raised £839,958 from 643 investors, 107% of their £750K target.

Riversimple makes electric cars powered by hydrogen rather than batteries, as hydrogen plays a vital role in decarbonising transport as quickly and effectively as possible. The only emission from their cars is water.

10. Too many t-shirts

Raised £24,478 from 319 supporters, 163% of their £15K target.

Too Many T-shirts tackles clothing waste & supports UK manufacturing. They upcycle customer’s old t-shirts or baby clothes & create beautiful 'memory blankets.'


Do you have a budding new venture with a sustainable twist? We’re keen to hear about it, email us at [email protected] and tell us more!

Written by Steph Yeates, Operations Manager and eco-warrior at ISQ Crowdfunding.

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