ISQ is your equity crowdfunding and private equity funding support partner. We've supported the planning, preparing, launching, and running of hundreds of highly successful funding rounds.  

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Are you a business leader considering investment or further investment for your venture?  

Are you about to start or are you in the process of an investment round? 

Have you tried and failed to raise investment before?

Do you need clarity on the timing of a potential investment round? 

Do you need clarity on how to make your business attractive to investors?

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Welcome to our dedicated team of equity investment professionals. We specialize in assisting business leaders as they navigate their initial and subsequent rounds of investment. With over £50 million raised for our clients, we are committed to fostering the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Discover our range of tailored services designed to help you succeed.

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"Thank you for everything you have shared, I am deeply impressed with your obvious talent, commitment and high-level of experience and competence. I am going to take a day or two to consider everything I have gained from our interaction"

Darrel - Hexology. Seeking £2m+. Had a clarity call with Kirsty in June 2024.

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Investment Clarity Call


What to expect

  • Gain clarity on whether we're a good fit to work together, and how that might look.¬†
  • Gain clarity on what your other options are.
  • Gain clarity on your current situation and which levers within your business are best for you to pull next.

In the 45-minute call we will:

  • Deep dive into your current position (A).
  • Gain clarity on what you want to achieve (B)¬†
  • Explore various options for getting from A-B¬†
  • Provide specific recommendations and action points
  • If we can help you further, we'll tell you exactly how that could look
  • Go through any questions you have
  • Send us an email summary and a scheduled 'accountability' check-in,¬†if desired.¬†


Clarity Call FAQs

Why work with us?

We are qualified and experienced

Each of our advisors has years of experience supporting investment rounds, and each has individually supported tens of millions of pounds and euros of equity investment.

Connect with Kirsty here

Connect with Richard here

We are your partners for success

We have an open-door, round-the-clock support system for our clients if needed. We have Kirsty in the UK and Richard in New Zealand, meaning we operate almost 24 hours daily. When raising investment, this is handy because it means if you have a burning question at 7 am or 10 pm, someone is online to help. If you have a question, we give you honest advice as soon as we can.

We are trustworthy and honest

We frequently see clients coming back to us for subsequent rounds of funding as they trust our support and judgment. Our processes are tried and tested, and our client success rate is exceptional (over 95%). Working with us is an investment in a process you can trust. We are open and transparent in our fees. We always explain to you what you have to pay before you purchase any of our services.

Who do we work with?

Our focus is to make sure that the process of raising investment is efficient and effective.

For nearly a decade, ISQ has provided trusted advice, quality support, and strategy management to businesses seeking investment across multiple sectors. We bring our diverse expertise, many years of experience, and in-depth knowledge to our clients’ individual investment needs. We usually work with those raising their first or subsequent round of investment.

We have clients in various industries. These are just a few:

  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Property and construction
  • Fashion
  • Wineries and distilleries
  • Retail
  • Information technology
  • Professional services firms
  • SaaS/PaaS
  • Food & Beverage
Case studies:

Showcasing funded campaign materials doesn't indicate a positive client experience. So allow us to showcase what our funded clients think about us instead.

‚Ä®"I couldn't think of a better company to use to help with a fundraising round"



‚Ä®"The programme was brilliant. It offered so many insights and help towards each stage"



‚Ä®"I can say, hand on heart, that if we hadn't teamed up with ISQ there's no chance we'd have been able to fund"