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CarCloud (2nd round) - overfunded by 129% via Seedrs

“If someone is going to embark on a crowdfunding journey, don’t do it without ISQ. Even if you’re doing it for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time around - make sure you sign up again. Thoroughly recommend ISQ.” 

LogicDialog - overfunded by 130% via Seedrs

“Logicdialog worked with Steph and the team at ISQ on a short term booster campaign for a round which was moving more slowly than we had expected.

ISQ put some real structure and regularity around our outreach, showing us examples of best practices and were incredibly supportive and creative in terms of the tactics they proposed and at times executed for us. Within two weeks we went from 20% underfunded to 25% overfunded.”

ETHOSA - overfunded by 163% via Seedrs

"Working with ISQ was a game-changer for our crowdfunding campaign. Their expertise and support were incredibly helpful in orchestrating and executing our crowdfunding campaign. From the initial planning stages to the final launch, they were always responsive, providing valuable insights and guidance every step of the way. The program they built was exceptionally well-structured, making the entire process smooth and efficient. Thanks to ISQ, our campaign exceeded expectations and achieved great success. I highly recommend their services to anyone embarking on a crowdfunding journey."

Cycling Brands - overfunded by 129% via Seedrs

“Finding the right consultancy support for our crowdfunding campaign was crucial, and ISQ met our needs with their expert advice and strategic guidance. Their support played a key role in the effectiveness of our campaign, contributing to our ability to meet and exceed our funding targets. The partnership with ISQ has been a testament to the value of professional consultancy in crowdfunding.”

EMSOL - overfunded by 104% via Seedrs

"I can't recommend the ISQ approach and framework enough for anyone planning to raise with Crowdfunding.
The work involved is significant, and being guided on what to do first and next is helpful.

A successful campaign is vital, and investing in ISQ is a must, even as I have previously raised before with Crowdfunding.
It is a lonely challenge at times, especially as this is on top of running the business.

Huge thanks to ISQ, for helping me with our raise. I learned a lot and so pleased we got through it."

The Good Pea Co - overfunded by 180% via Seedrs

“ISQ were invaluable to the team and our campaign; from the clearly explained videos, modules and templates for the months leading up to the campaign to navigating through the live campaign itself and then onto closing the round.

It truly felt that you had someone in your corner, riding the emotional rollercoaster of crowdfunding with you. The 1:1 support you get whenever you need it and however many times you need it was golden. Richard has been a blessing, with his previous experience in business banking and the many crowdfunding campaigns he has supported. He was very much our go-to, and there was someone available at all times even 11pm at night!

They truly understand that campaign tasks are done on top of the daily business work and guide you through in a really supportive manner.”

meetspaceVR - overfunded by 122% via Seedrs

“Having that little devil on your shoulder saying have you logged in? Have you done the next module? Etc. I would hate to have gone through what we went through without you.”

Sourdough Sophia - funded privately via SeedLegals & Odin

"It was such a pleasure working with Steph and the team. I’ve had fantastic support, advice and even when my course of action changed they were able to help me navigate through any challenges so well that we exceeded our expectations. Fantastic course, fantastic service and a passionate team who clearly know what they’re doing. Highly recommended."

Faace - overfunded by 109% via Seedrs

“I don’t think we could have done our crowdfund without ISQ. They coached us through every step of the way, giving really useful and practical advice on how we could get the most out of our crowdfund.

The downloadable guides are super useful for you to work through and ensure nothing gets missed in your approach, as well as for sharing with the wider team who might be supporting you.

Whilst the programme is online, there’s also a really nice personal element to working with their team, meaning you can ask questions and get feedback from real people, in real-time. Which is so important and also, really helps put you at ease through the process.

The team are very knowledgeable and it’s no surprise to me that the campaigns they support on have a high success rate. I can’t recommend them enough. Their fees are really reasonable for the amount of support you get too.”

Let's Go See - overfunded by 101% via Seedrs

"This was our second funding round and our first using a crowdfunding platform. As crowdfunding newbies, we had a lot to learn and having considered the pros and cons, we decided to engage the help of ISQ.

Naively we assumed that we could just set up a pitch on the host site and then count the money as it came flying in!

The truth however is a crowdfunding campaign needs planning, a lot of planning. You have one shot to get it right.  If you don’t meet your target, you get absolutely nothing.

ISQ has ‘been there and done it’ and provides a structured learning process that guides you through the crowdfunding process.  

Each phase of the ISQ process is monitored by their expert team and you can’t move forward until that phase has been successfully completed.  This mentoring ensures that you don’t make any silly, costly mistakes or fall into one of the many pitfalls.

If you are considering crowdfunding, I’d strongly recommend that you talk to the team at ISQ. As well as being experts in their field, they’re also lovely, caring people who really want you to succeed."

Cosimo Art - raised £130K via Seedrs

“As a sole founder you know, first-time founder, I had to do a lot of learning through this process, but that was really expedited, I think, by the support I had from ISQ throughout. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the framework and support from ISQ, they've been fundamental in helping us get through this process.”

Collabed - overfunded by 130% via Seedrs

"ISQ are the crowdfunding experts, they helped us get the most out of our campaign and assisted Collabed every step of the way. Their programme is well organised and in-depth, allowing you to gather all the information you need. Their spreadsheets and templates helped us organise the entire campaign. We would highly recommend anyone thinking about crowdfunding to work with ISQ."

Famli - overfunded by 205% via Seedrs

"We didn't know where to start and were quite uncertain in our ability to run a successful crowdfunding campaign due to our lack of experience in this domain. ISQ has a proven process, combined with a very competent and experienced team, which meant that no matter the situation, we had the support we needed to ensure our campaign was successful. This ultimately led us to exceed our goal significantly and reach 205% overfunded, which we would have definitely not been able to achieve without them."

eargym - overfunded by 143% via Crowdcube

"As a cash-strapped start-up, the decision to engage ISQ to support our crowdfunding raise was carefully thought through and is probably the best investment we could have made. We followed the ISQ process rigorously, made sure all of our team watched every video and we went through every exercise in detail. We learnt a lot, and it stopped us taking shortcuts that would I think have led us to fail. So definitely worthwhile. We'd recommend ISQ to anyone about to start preparing for a crowdfunding campaign."

Fox Cycling - overfunded by 118% via Crowdcube

"10/10 for support, content, advice, guidance, and motivation. If you feel you need someone to ‘hold your hand’ as you journey through a crowd funding process, ISQ ticks that box. Very detailed online learning process, supportive staff and a no-nonsense approach. If you follow their process, you will be successful."

Straight & Narrow - overfunded via Seedrs

"I didn’t realise how difficult and time-consuming a crowdfunding campaign would be. Thankfully I engaged the services of ISQ from the start and on reflection, I am convinced that the campaign would not have been as successful without their direction and support. The team were always on hand to give professional feedback on any content in a clear concise professional manner. A great example of teamwork."

When In Rome - overfunded via Crowdcube

"ISQ has a very organised, schematic, easy-to-follow system for making sure your crowdfunding campaign is a success. With a load of insights that I would not have realised at all, even though I spoke to a lot of people that crowdfunded already. So it's a really worthwhile programme. I couldn't recommend it anymore."

On The Mend - overfunded via Seedrs

"Team ISQ don’t just teach you all about the importance of warming up the crowd but critically they also give you the tools, support and advice you’ll need to ensure the whole process runs smoothly from prep to start to finish."

Modern Persian Kitchen - overfunded via Seedrs

"The support has always been fast and efficient and I have learnt a lot through the process on the whole. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the training."

2iC Care - funded privately

"I would like to thank the ISQ team for all your help and getting us to this point. I am sure we wouldn’t be where we are without you."

dooo - overfunded by 130% via Crowdcube

"ISQ are a great team, very warm and welcoming. They go out of their way to help you, all the way through the programme right up to the end where you've successfully funded. I definitely would recommend, as I wouldn’t have got to this stage without them. I can now fully develop and launch my app!"

The Coffee Apothecary - overfunded by 198% via Seedrs

"We loved working with ISQ. I think we maybe would have managed without them but it wouldn't have been pretty! They were amazing at laying out the route ahead so we always knew what the next step was. Thanks ISQ!"

Peters' Cleaners - overfunded via Seedrs

"Wow, its safe to say the guys at ISQ are experts in preparing you for crowdfunding and guiding you through the trials and tribulations of not only getting to go-live but reaching you full potential once on the platform. Richard and his team set us up with a framework steeped in experience from successful campaigns, held us to account on delivering prior to go-live and supported us every step of the way. If you're considering crowdfunding, you need ISQ."

Voyager - overfunded by 426% via Seedrs

"Within 10 minutes of speaking with ISQ I was absolutely convinced that we needed them to support us. As the process went on, I realised just how invaluable their support was. ISQ's well thought out and easy to navigate programme for their customers takes you through the build-up to crowdfunding in a logical and convenient way. I have absolutely no doubt that our crowdfunding campaign would have been neither as efficient nor as successful without ISQ's help."

CarCloud - overfunded by 150% via Seedrs

"The ISQ blend of experience, structure and support created the platform for our Seedrs campaign to fund in 48 hours before going on to overfund at 150%. I would strongly recommend anyone who is considering crowdfunding to get in touch with the ISQ team for an initial chat"

Orbital Machines - overfunded by 178% via Seedrs

"We would absolutely recommend ISQ to other companies looking for funding. The adaptable "How to crowdfund" methodology is crucial for any company, even for us with previous experience from crowdfunding rounds in the past. We learned a lot which was crucial for our round and why we feel we reached over half a million euros on Seedrs!"

DelivrMe - overfunded by 152% via Crowdcube

"ISQ were absolutely crucial to our success. Having funded to our maximum overfunding target, we owe a huge thanks to the team at ISQ for their fantastic feedback at every stage which allowed us to create such a successful campaign."

Upside Down House - overfunded via Seedrs

"ISQ - A must do prior to crowdfunding! We would recommend ISQ, the reason being is - even if a business has already raised funds, ISQ will ensure that nothing is missed in terms of documentation and information prior to heading into any campaign.

Gibie - overfunded by 300% via Crowdcube

“ISQ is surely a reliable consulting partner and has played a vital role in our campaign. They helped us think ahead, plan better and troubleshoot with much ease right till the end of our successful raise.”

Carnot - overfunded in 12 days via Crowdcube

“We’d definitely recommend ISQ to others looking to crowdfund! It is much harder to be successful than you think and support from independent experts made the difference for us.”

savvy navvy - overfunded by 153% via Seedrs

"We were very fortunate to be put in touch with ISQ when we did our first round last year. They were instrumental to our success and generally a blast to work with. So we’ve continued to rely on them in this second round. The public-facing side of a crowdfunding round is really only the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of work that goes into the preparation of a campaign, and having someone like ISQ has been really helpful to just keep us on track on what needs to happen when."

Dabbl - overfunded by 198% via Seedrs

"The team at ISQ have been nothing short of revolutionary. They got us from a standing start to a 230% funded crowdfund campaign in just over 7 weeks. We would never have been able to achieve such success without their strategy, planning, coaching, support and advice."

Hyper Poland - overfunded by 166% via Seedrs

"ISQ are very responsible and dedicated project managers of crowdfunding campaigns. With their help, you will follow a clear path in planning and execution to surely reach target in no time. We highly recommend working with their team of experts."

Old Gold Racing - overfunded by 110% via Seedrs

"I have no doubt that I would not have funded my business and have the opportunity to realise my dream had ISQ not been recommended to me. They have the experience and the tools to set your campaign up, get it noticed and done."

Save Your Wardrobe - private campaign on Seedrs

"The ISQ team really helped us increase our chances of success for our first equity crowdfunding campaign. We felt organised and well prepared for all the key activities and steps required for such a complex and important funding campaign for our business."

Hayche - overfunded by 143% via Seedrs

"Thank you so much to the whole team at ISQ, they provided us with invaluable guidance and tools to work through the maze of doing our first Crowdfunding campaign. Looking forward to work again in future campaigns."

Riversimple - overfunded by 107% via Seedrs

"We couldn’t have done it without you!"

Market Orders - overfunded on Crowdcube

"Great experienced team who understand how to execute effective crowdfunding campaigns"

The Funky Iron Company - overfunded via Seedrs

"ISQ are extremely impressive and highly knowledgeable crowdfunding experts. If you have ISQ on board for your campaign, the chances of you funding increase significantly."

Country Matters - overfunded via Crowdcube

"ISQ are an essential medium for crowdfunding, you always have the back up required when navigating through what initially looks like a very daunting process."

Shopupp - overfunded via Crowdcube

"I highly recommend working with ISQ for your crowdfunding campaign. Their support, honest advice and constant availability was a real game-changer for us."

Woom - overfunded via Crowdcube

"When we decided to do a crowd campaign we thought we would not need any extra help. Wrong. As founders we do not have all the time needed and to be on our own and make the best of a crowd campaign."

AliveLab - funded in under a week via Seedrs

"If you’re considering Crowdfunding, you HAVE to talk to ISQ. Our campaign reached its target within just a few days of going public and we certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without their help and guidance!"

Glovebox Direct - funded in less than 72 hours via Crowdcube

"The ISQ team added very significant value to our extremely successful Crowdcube raise. They provided structure, wise guidance founded on experience, and have a lovely coaching style that you welcome during the process. If you’re crowdfunding and want to increase the probability of success, reduce and the complexity and stress, get ISQ involved."

HĂźgge - overfunded in under a week via Seedrs

"I joined the programme and 10 weeks later I was up on Seedrs 100% funded. The ISQ team are pragmatic, action-oriented, delivering output that I would use during the campaign. I would recommend ISQ to any entrepreneurs considering raising on Seedrs with no caveat."

Zucla - funded in 6 days via Crowdcube

"The ISQ team were extremely knowledgeable professionals when it came to assisting Zucla in its Crowdfunding Campaign. As result of their efforts, we managed to overfund before going live and we finally hit 277% overfunding. ISQ is HIGHLY recommended by us."

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