The investor sign-up process on Crowdcube is simple. Investors register for an account and can begin making investments straight away. Investors have the option to invest in businesses from £10/€10, but the amount will be rounded to the closest multiple of the share price. Upon making the investment, investors need to pass KYC checks, this is a short quiz to ensure they understand the risks involved with investing in start-ups and early-stage businesses. They will be asked to provide card details and approve the transaction, however, no money is taken at this point. Investments are only reflected on the campaign and payments taken after the campaign closes.

Once a pitch has funded and has closed to further investment, investors will receive a cooling-off email, which includes a copy of the company’s Articles of Association for review. During this cooling-off period, which is generally no shorter than seven days, investors will have the opportunity to review their investment before it becomes final. Once this cooling-off period has expired, Crowdcube sends an email confirming when the payment, which includes the investment and Crowdcube’s investment fee, will be collected.