How to create the documents you need for a fundraising round

We help business leaders to create the investment documents needed for fundraising. Once created, these documents can be used either to fundraise privately or for a public crowdfunding campaign.

Clients of our popular Crowdfunding Programme have raised millions on leading investment platforms like Republic Europe and Crowdcube. 95% of clients that completed our programme, funded!

Documents for Fundraising

ÂŁ225 + VAT

What to expect

  • You pay via the link below.
  • You'll receive access to your own, personal online programme full of resources, materials, examples, guidelines, worksheets and cheat sheets.
  • You create your documents following our structure and guidelines.
  • You then submit the documents for us to review.
  • We review them and provide you with detailed feedback via email. 
  • We offer two further rounds of review as you implement our suggestions (if required).
  • Your documents are then ready to share with your network to start fundraising!
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Here's what clients are saying about our support

Our clients aren't just satisfied, they have raised investment, and their businesses are growing.

2iC Care

"I would like to thank the ISQ team for all your help and getting us to this point. I am sure we wouldn’t be where we are without you."

Straight & Narrow

"I didn’t realise how difficult and time-consuming a crowdfunding campaign would be. Thankfully I engaged the services of ISQ from the start and on reflection, I am convinced that the campaign would not have been as successful without their direction and support. The team were always on hand to give professional feedback on any content in a clear concise professional manner. A great example of teamwork."


"ISQ were absolutely crucial to our success. Having funded to our maximum overfunding target, we owe a huge thanks to the team at ISQ for their fantastic feedback at every stage which allowed us to create such a successful campaign."

Proven results

Does ISQ's method work?

There's only one way to find out, by seeing whether our clients actually successfully funded.

over ÂŁ45M

raised by clients

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Create your investor deck, 1-page investment summary and get expert feedback

We'll help you create the investor documents you need to either fundraise privately or take onto a highly successful equity investment round. Here's how.

2 Phases - 10 Modules

Here's what we cover in more detail

  • Phase 1: Preparing your proposition
    • Module 1: Purpose & importance of the Investor Deck.
    • Module 2: Getting clear on your offer.
    • Module 3: Return on Investment.
    • Module 4: SEIS/EIS for UK-based entities.
    • Module 5: What investors need to know.
  • Phase 2: Creating your investor documents purposed for fundraising
    • Module 6: Pulling together your Key Business Information.
    • Module 7: Pulling together your Financial Forecasts.
    • Module 8: Create your V1 Investor Deck.
    • Module 9: Create your One-Page Investment Summary.
  • Submission & review
    • Module 10: Submit documents for review, get expert feedback

ÂŁ225 + VAT

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